World Cancer Day

United Action Against Cancer, a pan-European movement from grassroots to government

4 February 2021

On 4 February 2021, World Cancer Day, WHO/Europe will call for a pan-European movement, United Action Against Cancer, with a vision to eliminate cancer as a life threatening disease. The movement will call for action at many levels – from the grassroots to governments – to contribute actively to eliminating the threat of cancer. The movement will build on a set of signature solutions – cost-effective, evidence-based policies and measures which aim to maximize impact at country level. These signature solutions will be introduced at the event.

The event will also introduce the WHO/Europe ambassador for cancer, who will help to promote the movement in the Region.

High-level policy-makers from Member States, technical experts, non-state actors, and a WHO Secretariat team from global, regional and country levels are invited to participate in this online event. The working language will be English, with simultaneous interpretation into Russian.

To register follow the steps here.

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