SDG Action Awards

UN SDG Action Awards: One Week Left to Apply!

The UN SDG Action Awards are back and looking for the class of 2022! Apply by 1 May 2022.

Are you flipping the script, rethinking how we live, and driving change towards the achievement of the SDGs? It is time to react, reset, restart. Old models have not delivered. We need new ones. We are looking for you!

We want to hear about your new approaches, new models for SDG delivery, new methods of reaching the underrepresented and collaborating with the unexpected!

Share your story with us before 1 May 2022 through our open application and nomination process for the chance to be spotlighted and celebrated as part of this year’s UN SDG Action Awards program.

Judging Criteria

All applications and nominations will be judged on the following criteria:


What is the impact of the nominee’s initiative? e.g. numbers of people impacted, mobilized, number of sectors involved, policies/ legislation/ budgets influenced, tangible shifts in behaviors and in SDG achievement.


How innovative is this initiative’s strategy? Is it a breakthrough idea, are you approaching things in a totally new way? Is the initiative also engaging those at risk of being left behind?


Does this initiative have the potential to be scaled up and/or be replicated in other contexts to accelerate the achievement of the Goals? Is there any evidence that scaling up or replication is already taking place?

Our category recognizing individuals has additional criteria

Changemaker – Multiplier Effect

How far does this person’s work reach beyond the initial goal? Who has it inspired to act beyond the initial target community?


Preparing your application/nomination

To enter an initiative or individual, please begin by registering and filling in each section of the application form for Mobilize, Inspire, and Connect or the nomination form for Changemaker using SurveyMonkey Apply. Your application/ nomination can be saved and edited each time you return but once submitted, you will no longer be able to edit your application further. 

When applying, make sure to offer clear supporting evidence such as photos and videos and endorsements from participants in your initiative.

Find more information here.

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