Icons of Africa’s Wetlands and Grasslands Need Multi-faceted Approach to Ensure Their Future

Grey Crowned Crane in flight © Wim Werrelman Grey Crowned Cranes, icons of Africa’s grasslands and savannas, are found across 15 range states in Southern and East Africa.  Dependent on wetlands for breeding, Grey Crowned Cranes are found foraging in the natural wetland and grassland habitats in the catchment or in the adjoining agricultural lands.  They are listed as Endangered on the IUCN Red Data List and have declined by up to 80 percent over a 25-year period.  Focussing on addressing the key threats to the species, including habitat loss, disturbance by livestock and people, and the illegal captive crane trade, an International Action Plan was developed and endorsed at the 6th Meeting of the Parties of AEWA held in Bonn, Germany in 2015.

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