Die Bonner OB Katja Doerner bei der COP28 in Dubai

Cities and the Challenge of Climate Change

Under the theme ‘Urban Transformation: When Capacity-building and Innovation Work Together’, experts discussed at the COP28 in Dubai the role of cities and sustainability innovation worldwide. The session was organized by United Nations University's Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) and ICLEI- Local Government for Sustainability.

The closing panel discussion wrapped up the CapaCITIES event by sharing the reflections and key takeaways from the previous sessions and providing some insights and recommendations for the participants to apply in their own contexts. The panel also addressed some of the questions and comments from the audience and engaged in a lively and interactive dialogue. 

The dialogue featured distinguished speakers who are leaders in their fields and organizations and have extensive experience and expertise in climate and sustainability innovation. The discussion was be moderated by Simone Sandholz, Head of the Urban Futures and Sustainability Transformation (FAST) Programme at UNU-EHS, and Pourya Salehi, Head of ICLEI’s Urban Research, Innovation and Development Team at ICLEI World Secretariat. 

The dialogue was an opportunity to learn from the speakers, exchange ideas and experiences, and ensured that the outcomes of CapaCITIES inspire and inform actions for climate and sustainability innovation in cities worldwide. Panelists included Xiaomeng Shen, Director, UNU-EHS and the Mayor of Bonn, Katja Dörner. 

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