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UN Bonn with 19 organizations and almost 1,000 staff members, is here to help governments and peoples find answers and ways for a sustainable future on this planet. The UN Campus is formed by the Langer Eugen (named after the former Bundestag President Eugen Gerstenmaier) and Altes Abgeordnetenhochhaus, together with Haus Carstanjen. These premises played an important part in shaping Germany’s new postwar democracy and were made available to the United Nations after refurbishment.

Visit us as a group and learn what UN Bonn is all about. You will understand the meaning of our joint goal “shaping a sustainable future”.


The United Nations in Bonn generally procures goods and services through competitive solicitations. This section leads you directly to the different organizations based in Bonn, to their rules, regulations, procedures and procurement department. Learn more on Procurement Opportunities with the United Nations worldwide.