Girls' Day at UN Bonn

Every year on Girls' Day, girls and young women can get a glimpse into professional fields that they would otherwise seldom consider and in which women are underrepresented. Politics is also such a field and therefore girls and young women were invited today by Katja Dörner, MdB, to visit the UN Campus in Bonn on Girls Day, where they were welcomed by UNRIC and UN Women Nationales Komittee Deutschland e.V. A total of 23 interested girls accepted the invitation and gained insights into the work of the United Nations and UN Women National Committee Germany, as well as the everyday life of a member of the Bundestag.

Isabel Hofstätter (UNRIC) gave the participants an overview of the United Nations, in particular of its tasks and goals, as well as the institutional structure of the UN. Germany's membership in the Security Council was particularly interesting. She also spoke about Bonn as a UN location and the UN organizations that are based here.

Bettina Jahn (UN Women National Committee Germany e.V.), who shared about the work of UN Women, said: "No country in the world has achieved gender equality so far. If Germany were to continue on its current path, it would take another 200 years for women to be treated equally in economic terms". The main global challenges for UN Women are sexualized violence, political and social representation of women, as well as work and income. UN Women devotes special attention to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 5: Achieving gender equality and empowering all women and girls to self-determination.

After the presentation, the pupils had a first-hand discussion with the Member of the Bundestag Katja Dörner and the representatives of UNRIC and the National Committee of UN Women about what they have experienced in their careers so far and what makes up their work. "In order to gain respect as a woman, it is above all important to be competent in terms of both subject matter and content," said Katja Dörner as she concluded the visit.

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