Extension of Deadline: Call for Nominations of Experts to IPBES Task Forces

The deadline for nomination of candidates to the five IPBES task forces (policy tools and methodologies; scenarios and models; capacity-building; knowledge and data; indigenous and local knowledge) has been extended to 24 June 2019 with the deadline for the confirmation of nominations by governments and organizations extended to 8 July 2019.

All governments and relevant organizations or institutions are encouraged to submit nominations. Nominating organizations or institutions are not required to have been admitted to the plenary of IPBES as an observer.

Nominated experts should have expertise – specific to the task force to which they are nominated – in one or more disciplines of natural science, social science or the humanities, be indigenous and local knowledge experts or have expertise in indigenous and local knowledge systems or be policy experts and practitioners. All nominees should have experience in working within interdisciplinary, international and/or global contexts. Governments and organizations are invited to nominate women as well as men with a diversity of disciplinary backgrounds in order to ensure a balanced team of experts.

For the task forces on policy tools and methodologies, capacity-building, knowledge and data and indigenous and local communities, nominations are also invited for representatives of qualified national, regional and international scientific organizations, centres of excellence and institutions, including experts on indigenous and local knowledge, known for their work and expertise on issues related to the mandate of the respective task force.

For the task force on indigenous and local knowledge, nominations are also invited for representatives of indigenous peoples and local communities.

Nominees are invited to fill out the application form and attach their curriculum vitae/information regarding the organization they are representing, through the dedicated web portal at https://www.ipbes.net/application-form-task-forces

Governments or organizations interested in providing in-kind support for a technical support unit are invited to send their offer, using the template provided to the secretariat at secretariat@ipbes.net. The offer should include specific information on the task force for which the offer is being made; background and relevance of the hosting institution to the work of the task force; the administration and staffing of the technical support unit; funding arrangements, including a budget detailing how the IPBES dedicated funds and the matching in-kind contribution from the host institution would be used.

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