Climate Neutral Now Initiative Reaches 200-Participant Milestone

In September 2019, the Climate Neutral Now initiative of UN Climate Change passed the 200 participants mark. These companies and organizations are implementing concrete actions to address their climate footprint and accelerate the transition to a climate-neutral society, by measuring their emissions, acting to reduce them, and compensating the emissions that they could not avoid by supporting green projects in developing countries.

With participants located around the world and coming from diverse sectors, such as energy, fashion, finance, sports, technology, education, architecture, law and events, Climate Neutral Now is raising awareness and action to address climate change.

Climate Neutral Now includes companies with a global reach, but also small and medium-sized organizations representing all levels of society. To see them all, visit the Climate Neutral Now  webpage or the Global Climate Action Portal  (NAZCA portal).

Over the past couple of weeks Climate Neutral Now has welcomed many new signatories, including:

  • European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA);
  • Costa del Este FC, a football club in Panama;
  • Alliance for Sustainability Leadership in Education (EAUC) based in the United Kingdom;
  • North London Collegiate School;
  • U.K.-based law firm Barnes Walker;
  • Fusion Clothing Company from Sweden;
  • Sustainable travel company Travelhorst in Germany;
  • Kulturoperatørene AS, an event organizer in Norway;
  • Girl in Red, a Swedish band, for their upcoming tour;  
  • Matthew Algie & Co. Ltd., a coffee retailer in the UK;
  • Russedress, an apparel company from Norway;  
  • NASOHA, a boutique and webshop in Sweden; 
  • Newo Global Energy from Canada; and
  • Assael Architecture Limited in the United Kingdom.

In addition, the United Nations System achieved a significant advance in addressing its own climate footprint. With a new sustainability strategy that includes specific measures to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the UN System also reached 95% compensation of unavoidable emissions, bringing it close to its target to be completely climate neutral by 2020.


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