Stepped up Global Climate Action Can Close the Emissions Gap

Two key UNFCCC milestone publications released on Tuesday, The Talanoa Dialogue’s Synthesis Report and The Yearbook for Global Climate Action 2018, illustrate that global climate action can close the gap to meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement, but only if public and private sector actions are urgently stepped up.

The Yearbook states that if countries and cooperative initiatives were to meet their commitments under the Paris Agreement, the Paris Agreement goal of well keeping global warming below 2°C can be reached. Similarly, the Synthesis Report points to ‘untapped potential’ that, if properly fulfilled, could yield economic gains of US$26 trillion and 65 million jobs in clean energy.

However, what the reports also make clear is that all actors – government and non-governmental, public and private – need to urgently step up the pace of action. According to key findings in the Synthesis Report, despite current efforts, greenhouse gas emissions and global warming are still on the rise.

Significantly, these reports are published just two weeks before governments gather for the global climate summit in Poland (COP 24), where they are set to complete the implementation guidelines for the Paris Agreement, known as its Work Programme. A finalized Paris Agreement Work Programme has the potential to unleash practical actions from the whole global climate action community commensurate with a 1.5 pathway.

Read the full Talanoa Dialogue’s Synthesis Report and The Yearbook for Global Climate Action 2018

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