UNEP/CMS: Action against wildlife crime presented at IUCN Technical Meeting

In July 2018, staff members of the United Nations Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals (CMS) attended the Technical Meeting of Experts regarding the World Conservation Congress Resolution 70 on “Crimes against the Environment”. The meeting was hosted by the International Union for Conservation of Nature´s (IUCN) Environmental Law Centre in Bonn. 

Participants from ten international organisations, including UN agencies, international governmental organisations, and Non-governmental organisations shared their experiences in response to crimes against the environment and wildlife, and discussed on legislation, enforcement, and compliance. 

CMS showcased its work on the issues of wildlife crime and highlighted its objectives to combat poaching, unsustainable use, and illegal trade that affects a wide variety of avian, aquatic, and terrestrial species. 

CMS and participating organisations stressed the importance of closer collaboration amongst the international community as necessary to develop comprehensive strategies to combat environmental crime and conserve the affected species. 

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