GIRLS‘ DAY 2018: Visit to the United Nations in Bonn

Schülerinnen zu Besuch bei UN Bonn

8. Mai 2018 – As part of this year's Girls' Day, 15 female students visited the United Nations in Bonn at the invitation of Bonn's only female Member of Parliament, Katja Dörner.

What does the working day of a politician look like? How can you be engaged at local level for the promotion of gender equality? And what options are there to start a career with the United Nations, for example? Today, girls between the ages of 14 and 20 had the opportunity to ask these and similar questions in order to gain insight into the tasks and activities of a politician and the Bonn-based UN organizations. Furthermore, presentations were held by the United Nations Regional Information Center (UNRIC) and the National Committee of UN Women

“Go far in politics“ – this was the motto for the visit of the high school students from Bonn because women are still underrepresented in many professional fields. „In the Federal Republic of Germany, there are more than 50 percent women, this proportion is not represented adequately in the German Bundestag”, said Katja Dörner. In general, there are less and less women in politics – in the German Bundestag as well as in the state parliaments.

On the top floor of the Lange Eugen, students had the opportunity to engage in a discussion with the Member of Parliament and the representatives from the National Committee of UN Women and UNRIC, to hear about what these women have experienced throughout their career so far and what constitutes their work. According to Katja Dörner, "you can have any professional background to become a politician. Above all, it is important to be able to communicate well with people and to be interested in people." 


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