25 Years ASCOBANS: The Outreach and Education Award

Raising awareness and engaging the public is an important aspect of nature conservation.People protect what they care about, and to care, some knowledge is necessary. People power also drives action by governments and the private sector.

It is the same for ASCOBANS. Institutions and people throughout the Agreement Area play an important role in spreading the word about threats and dangers to marine mammals, and ways in which each person can help. These actors are commonly found among environmental organizations, scientists and knowledgeable enthusiasts. In order to acknowledge extraordinary engagement in outreach and education activities, the ASCOBANS Parties launched a special award in 2005. The 25th Anniversary of ASCOBANS is an opportunity to look back and pay tribute to these five outstanding personalities and organizations for their support of the aim of ASCOBANS to protect small whales, dolphins and porpoises in Europe by means of their outreach and education activities.

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