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As a response to COVID-19, TVET learning has shifted heavily to distance and online implementation. This has put a heavy burden on both teachers and students. According to recent surveys conducted in Finland, TVET teachers and students alike feel stressed about the lack of social interaction. Teachers are concerned as they have not been able to reach some students for lengthy periods of time. On the other hand, teachers themselves need support as the digital leap has put a strain on all and the new reality demands new skills.

This webinar will focus on the social aspects of digital learning: how to design engaging learning paths, acknowledging and supporting students with special needs, harnessing the power of peer support, and decreasing the level of stress and anxiety among teachers and students.

The webinar will also provide insight regarding TVET students: how students have coped during remote learning, what arrangements have actually enhanced learning, and the kind of extra support special needs students might benefit from when engaging in online activities.

Many approaches require commitment at the TVET provider level to be effective. This webinar may serve as one catalyst for acknowledge the growing need for social interaction during the ongoing crisis. School alone cannot be accountable for solving all challenges, but with thoughtful design, digital solutions can be harnessed to bring much needed support for both TVET teachers and students during this period of disruption.

Social Aspects of Digital Learning in TVET 
22 April 2021, 10:00 - 11:30 CET

Concept Note

Interpretation available in Spanish and French. 

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