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The New Podcast of the United Nations in Bonn: ‘Inside UN Bonn’

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the United Nations in Bonn, UN Bonn has launched the podcast ‘Inside UN Bonn’.

In the 12-part podcast series, we will present UN Bonn staff members and their work. We will tell stories from the UN Campus in Bonn that have never been told before and illuminate the diverse work of the institutions, their partners and special ambassadors.

The first episodes are launched on August 25, 2021. The guests include the mayor of Bonn Katja Dörner, who will talk about UN Bonn’s 25th anniversary, as well as Alexander Saier, Head of Communications, and Ola Nirs, Associated Network Officer, of the UN Climate Secretariat, who will speak about the preparations for the upcoming COP26 in Glasgow.

Other guests of the podcast will include:

  • Sacha Dench, ambassador of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species, who is currently flying around Britain in a paramotor to raise awareness of climate change
  • Shirin Abufannouneh, a UN Volunteer who works at the MINUSMA peacekeeping mission in Mali
  • S.T.E.R Initiative, an NGO advocating against sexual violence in Nigeria that won the SDG Action Award at the SDG Global Festival of Action
  • and many more


The aim of the podcast is to make UN Bonn more well known, to explain the work of the UN organizations and to draw attention to the 25th anniversary of the German UN campus. The English-language podcast is aimed at the general public both in Germany and worldwide. The podcast series could be of particular interest to Bonn citizens, students of international politics and MUN participants.

The podcast is hosted by UN Bonn Social Media Manager Monja Sauvagerd and UNRIC Associate Information Officer Leonie Beck. The episodes are 15-25 minutes long. A new episode will be released approximately every two weeks.

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