New Podcast Episode: Inside UN Bonn goes Glasgow – Impressions of COP26

A few weeks ago, we talked with our UN Climate Change colleagues Alex Saier and Ola Nirs about the preparations for the United Nations Climate Change Conference, also named COP26. COP26 – which stands for the 26th Conference of the Parties – took place from 31 Octobre to 13 November in Glasgow. More than 130 heads of states and governments and thousands of diplomats from 197 nations met to set new targets for cutting emissions from burning coal, oil, gas and methane that are warming our planet.

We joined the UN Climate Change team in Glasgow for the two weeks of the Conference, where we had the opportunity to talk to a few colleagues to learn more about their exciting work ranging from speech writing and social media to providing professional safety and security services. Listen to the new podcast episode of 'Inside UN Bonn' now and meet Megan Haye, Brent Kerrigan, Khawla Rammali, and Koko Warner of UN Climate Change.


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