New Action Plan Towards Achieving Climate Neutrality in Travel and Tourism by 2050

UN Climate Change Chief Patricia Espinosa spoke at the World Travel & Tourism Conference (WTTC) in New York on September 24, where she launched the WTTC Sustainability Action Plan - a bold new initiative by the travel and tourism sector, supported by UN Climate Change, to encourage and help the entire sector to take stronger and more ambitious action to address climate change.

In her speech, she said that while the travel and tourism industry has grown to be a global economic force, generating 10.4% of global Gross Domestic Product in 2018, it also accounts for around 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions that are contributing to climate change, which she called "the single biggest threat to the travel and tourism sector."

“Climate change is outpacing us, outpacing our collective ability to get a handle on it, and could soon outpace your business and have a devastating impact on the global economy itself,” she said.

She called the WTTC’s Sustainability Action Plan a “timely and important initiative” and welcomed the opportunity to cooperate on chartering the way to achieve climate neutrality in the sector by 2050.

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