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Did you know

  • Environment

    is a major determinant, estimated to account for

    almost 20% of total mortality

    in the WHO European Region of 53 countries.

  • Air Quality

    Air pollution at current levels in European cities is responsible for a significant burden of deaths, hospital admissions and exacerbation of symptoms.

  • Noise can cause short- and long-term health problems,

    such as for example sleep disturbance, cardiovascular effects etc.

  • 40% of the population in EU countries is exposed to

    road traffic noise

    at levels exceeding 55 db(A).

  • 20% of EU population is exposed to noise levels exceeding 65 dB(A) at daytime. More than 30% is exposed to levels exceeding 55 dB(A) at night.

  • Global warming can increase food- and water-borne diseases:

    Heat-waves effect the health of many people, particularly the elderly.

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