High Level Forum on UNISPACE+50 and Space2030 Agenda Concluded

From 13 to 16 of November 2018, the “United Nations/Germany High Level Forum: The way forward after UNISPACE+50 and on Space2030” (HLF) was held at the UN Campus in Bonn. Fifty years after the first United Nations Conference on the Exploration and Peaceful Use of Outer Space (UNISPACE) in 1968, UNISPACE+50, held in in June 2018, provided an opportunity for the international community to set the future course of global space cooperation for the benefit of human kind. At the HLF 2018 in Bonn participants from the public sector, academia, industry, and civil society came together to discuss matters concerned with space economy, space society, space accessibility, and space diplomacy. The HLF 2018, thus, served as an important platform for an open exchange of views as well as providing updates and recommendations on the potential of space innovations to address new and emerging sustainable development challenges.

In her concluding remarks today, Simonetta Di Pippo, the Director of the UN Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), said, regarding the Space2030 agenda: “This is the first time we are collectively trying to put together a vision for space activities and tools and their contribution to the achievement of the global agendas.” While this had to be done primarily by the UN member states, the support of other stakeholders was essential, she said. Only collectively could they reach the Agenda 2030. Regarding the work of UN-SPIDER, the UN’s Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response, she remarked: “We have clear visions how to develop the UN-SPIDER office here. We all have to work together to bring the activities of UN-SPIDER to the next level.”

Pascale Ehrenfreund from the Executive Board of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) also pointed out the importance of collaboration: “We need to bring actors together and facilitate cooperation”, she said. “Only through collective effort will we manage to build and implement the Space2030 agenda.”

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Photo credit: German Aerospace Center, DLR

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