“Kippa Day in Bonn”: Signs of solidarity and a cohesive society

This afternoon, around 600 people celebrated “Kippa Day” on Bonn market square. As a sign of interreligious solidarity many people wore a kippa.

 A Jewish scientist from the US had been insulted because of his headgear last Wednesday.

 Speaking at the event on the market square, Martin Frick, Senior Director of the UN Climate Secretariat (UNFCCC), stressed: “The key message and slogan of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is ‘ to leave no one behind. And by its very nature that includes to let no one down who is a victim of abuse, of racism, or anti-Semitism.”

“Bonn is a city that will not put up with anti-Semitism and that will take initiative against such actions without any hesitation,“ said Ashok Sridharan, Lord Mayor of Bonn.  

“When acts of anti-Semitism and hate become a regular phenomenon in our society, our democracy is in great danger. Anti-semitism is just the beginning. It will be no long before other minorities will be marginalized, too,” warned Margaret Traub, chairwoman of the Synagogue Congregation of Bonn.

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