UN Volunteers to publish State of the Worlds Volunteerism Report 2018

Around the world states are stepping up to respond to today´s challenges. Away from the spotlight, one Billion people volunteer their time and efforts to extend support especially in times of crisis. Such volunteerism is a big resource for peace and development. But questions regarding volunteerism and how governments and other actors can engage with volunteers remain.

The State of the World´s Volunteerism Report (SWVR) is a UN flagship publication to inform and advocate the role and contribution of volunteerism for peace and development. Published every three years by UN Volunteers (UNV), the report aims to strengthen the understanding of volunteerism and demonstrates its universality, scope and reach in the twenty-first century. The aim is not only to gather the best experiences with volunteerism and the respective lessons learned but also to locate the role of volunteerism in the nexus of peace, security, and development.

Presenting new evidence on the role of volunteerism in resilient communities and on the value of volunteerism in relation to other types of resilience interventions, SWVR 2018 focuses on three key features.

Besides the publication of the most recent field research results, the report provides governments, UN-agencies, and other organisations involved in volunteerism with respective policy recommendations. By demonstrating evidence of the value of volunteerism, the report also reinforces the need to integrate volunteerism in peace and development efforts as well as to link global strategies and commitments with the grassroots action by volunteers at the frontlines.

In other words, as Oliver Adam, Executive Coordinator of UNV, states: “Leaving no one behind must be a reality in our lifetime.”

The SWVRs publication will be launched online during a live interactive event on 18 July 2018 from 01.15 to 02.30 pm. 

Please join the Facebook Live event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/2134334240180473/

For more details on the report see here: https://www.unv.org/swvr/resilientcommunities


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