IPBES: Agriculture Is Part of the Pollinator Solution - Intensive Farming Can Harm or Help Pollination

Bonn (IPBES News) – Although large-scale agriculture can be a significant threat to animal pollinators, intensive farming can also prevent pollinator decline and support sustainable food production, if implemented in an ecologically sustainable manner. This was the message from six pollination experts in an article published on Tuesday in the Ecology Letters journal.

The article, “Ecological intensification to mitigate impacts of conventional intensive land use on pollinators and pollination”, builds on the outcomes of the landmark 2016 Assessment Report on Pollinators, Pollination and Food Production, by the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).

An abstract and the full text of the article may be accessed at: https://goo.gl/N3wSfO
The IPBES Assessment on Pollinators, Pollination and Food Production and a list of its major policy impacts may be accessed at: https://goo.gl/rNndxY 

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