Virtual conference on ‘Innovation in TVET'


UNESCO-UNEVOC’s 2018 Global Learning Forum on ‘Managing skills in a time of disruption’ put the spotlight on the impact that changes in climate, demography and technology have on the labour market. The transition to a green economy, the implementation of digital technologies in the world of work and the emergence of new forms of entrepreneurship are not only changing the profile of jobs but also creating new possibilities for solutions to social and economic problems in the form of innovation.

These changes represent a great challenge to technical and vocational education and training (TVET) systems, driving them to improve their capacity to adapt to the future demand of skills.

In order to provide a better understanding of this topic, this virtual conference will explore the meaning of innovation in the TVET sector and its implications. It offers the opportunity for TVET stakeholders to share experiences, discuss the different roles of TVET in systems of innovation, the use of innovative approaches to improve the quality of TVET, as well as identifying the main barriers for innovation in TVET.

The virtual conference will mainly discuss five topics. It forms part of a wider research project on innovation in TVET conducted by UNESCO-UNEVOC. The results of the virtual conference will guide and be reflected in the research project outcomes.

The virtual conference also compliments an ongoing survey on innovation in TVET. Please take the time contribute to the survey here:

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