Razan Al Mubarak, UN Climate Change High-Level Champion from the COP28 Pre/ UNFCCCsidency

UNFCCC announces High-Level Champion from COP28 Presidency

Razan Al Mubarak has been announced as the High-Level Champion from the COP28 Presidency. She will be joining Mahmoud Mohieldin who continues in his role as High-Level Champion from the COP27 Presidency.

Ms. Al Mubarak is currently President of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). She is also the founding director of the Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund which, since its inception, has supported more than 2,500 species conservation projects in over 160 countries.

In 2010, Al Mubarak was appointed as the Managing Director of the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi (EAD), becoming the youngest person to lead an Abu Dhabi entity and the only woman to hold such a position. Under her guidance and leadership, the government agreed to double its protected wildlife areas and adopt the region’s first carbon targets: a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 42% by 2030.

The role of the High-Level Champions was created in 2015 at COP 21 in Paris to facilitate through strengthened high-level engagement the successful execution of existing efforts and the scaling-up and introduction of new or strengthened voluntary efforts, initiatives and coalitions. Through the Marrakech Partnership for Global Climate Action, the Champions specifically accelerate ambitious climate action among non-State actors, including cities, regions, businesses, investors and civil society, with the speed, scale and justice needed in support of Parties and the UNFCCC process.

Razan Al Mubarak and Mahmoud Mohieldin will work together to advance the improved Marrakech Partnership five-year plan to drive greater ambition from non-State actors to achieve a net zero, climate-resilient future, building on the foundational leadership of the Marrakech Partnership.

Both High-Level Champions will attend and hold keynotes at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week from 14-19 January 2023. The event brings together heads of state, policy makers, industry leaders, investors, entrepreneurs and youth to discuss and engage in bold climate action and innovations.

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