Global Week to #ACT4SDGS

Registration to Join the Global Week to #Act4SDGs Is Now Open

The registration to join the Global Week to #Act4SDGs is now open and invites people from around the world to register their actions on the SDG Action Global Map. The Global Week to #Act4SDGs is a global mobilization that takes place during the UN General Assembly between 16-25 September this year. It is also the time that marks the halfway mark of the SDGs and aims to signal to world leaders the dedication of people from all over the world and their willingness to take action on the SDGs. This year, the mobilization will focus on climate, justice, and peace.

More than 100 million actions have been taken across 191 countries, and just in 2021 an impressive number of 1,280 organizations were involved. By 2030, the number of taken actions is supposed go up to 1 billion. People taking part in this mobilization become changemakers by sharing what they do to #FliptheScript, talking to their peers, family and friends, and participating in planned events. By working together with people from all kinds of different backgrounds the participants' work can facilitate new solutions and new approaches and shine a light of hope concerning the importance of SDGs. The more people register, the easier they can become a collective force that can bring about transformative change and reach for a better future.

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