SDG Global Festival of Action

Register for the SDG Global Festival of Action

Registrations for the Global Festival of Action are now open, which will take place from 1-3 April 2020 in Bonn. The Festivals aim is to raise the visibility and impact of global initiatives to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals. Designed for and by the SDG Action Community to inspire action for the Sustainable Development Goals, the Festival will be a space to meet the key SDG change-makers, activists and leaders, discover the most innovative ways to inspire action for the SDGs and experience the transformation taking place for people and the planet.

The 2020 Festival will feature a range of session, workshop and meeting formats each positioned to further understanding and awareness, build practical skills and networks and be inspired by SDG Leaders.  Content on deepening participants’ knowledge of the SDGs and takes a hands-on approach to enhancing participants’ skills to advance the SDGs will be offered; discussions on political landscapes, the importance of collaboration, how local solutions lead to global transformation, and how to harness the power of the ‘SDG Generation’ for the Decade of Action will be part of the festival as well as networking sessions, private strategy meetings and showcases, live performances and demonstrations.

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