Migratory Species Banners on Display Outside UN Premises in Bonn

A total of nine large street banners featuring well-known migratory species such as the African Elephant, Leopard and Monarch Butterfly are currently on display along both Heussallee and Welckerstraße outside the UN Premises in Bonn, Germany.

The banners mark the 40th Anniversary of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) and show a small selection of migratory species protected under the Convention, which is also the oldest UN Organization in Bonn.

Forty years ago, the negotiations concerning an international treaty to protect migratory wildlife reached a successful conclusion, giving rise to CMS, also called the “Bonn Convention” – after the city in which the treaty was signed. Nowadays, it is the only global treaty dealing with migratory species and their habitats across the world. Recently, CMS membership reached 130 with the Republic of the Maldives joining the Convention. Further information on the CMS history can be found in the CMS Anniversary Timeline.

The CMS species banners have been created by the CMS Secretariat in close cooperation with the City of Bonn and will remain visible throughout November to coincide with a series of important CMS meetings taking place at the UN Premises this month:

  • 2nd Informal Working Group Meeting on Connectivity on 11 November
  • 4th Meeting of the Sessional Committee of the Scientific Council from 12 to 15 November
  • 2nd Meeting of the Working group on the CMS contribution towards the Post-2020 Biodiversity Framework on 18 November
  • 49th Meeting of the Standing Committee on 19 November
  • Pre-COP Meetings for Regional Groups from 20 to 22 November


CMS banner

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