Apply now for the 2020 Summer Academy on World Risk and Adaptation Futures: Social Protection

The United Nations University’s Institute for Environment and Human Security (UNU-EHS) is organizing the Summer Academy together with Munich Re Foundation (MRF), in collaboration with the UNFCCC. The Ludwig Maximilians University Munich (LMU) in Germany and Munich Climate Insurance Initiative (MCII) are associate partners for the 2020 summer academy.

The Summer Academy on World Risk Futures and Adaptation tackles a different topic every year. The leading question this year will be: What do decision makers in policy and practice need to know about risk and adaptation futures? The special focus will be on social protection and its implication for future vulnerability and exposure towards climate risks.

The Summer Academy 2020 aims to look at the emerging trends in social protection from the climate change adaptation perspective. Social protection is of key importance for shaping human vulnerability towards floods, droughts, storms and other hazards. It includes important elements such as health insurance, cash transfer assistance, disability benefits or food assistance programmes. All of these are of key relevance for mitigating vulnerability and buffering the effects of future climatic hazards. At the same time, they are currently under massive transformation in many countries, mostly with uncertain outcomes and unclear effects on vulnerability. The existing methodological toolkits and bodies of knowledge are, however, strikingly thin to date, calling for substantially increased scientific efforts. Assessing plausible scenarios of future trajectories in social protection – and especially its breadth and depth – is therefore of great urgency. The goal of the Summer Academy is to generate science and knowledge contributions that feed back into policy and practice.

The 2020 Summer Academy will take place in Jakarta, Indonesia from 21 to 25 September. Young professionals, including academics, policymakers and practitioners are invited to apply by 20 April 2020.

To find out more about the academy, including how to apply, please click here.

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