​UNEP/CMS: ​ Bringing together the energy sector and conservation interests: 2nd Task Force meeting took place in Bonn

wfpegThe second meeting of the multi-stakeholder Task Force on Reconciling Selected Energy Sector Developments with Migratory Species Conservation took place at the UN Premises in Bonn from 14 to 15 September under the chairmanship of Jürgen Friedrich of the German Federal Environment Ministry. 
The meeting welcomed new members, ​among them EUROBATS Secretariat, the Government of ​the ​
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the African Sustainable Energy Association and WindEurope, representing numerous stakeholders from the renewable energy industry.
As one of the main topics of the conference, the participants discussed challenges faced by national authorities in developing and implementing renewable energy strategies as well as the technical reports on mitigation methods that help detect birds and bats as they approach wind turbine installation. 

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