UNV participates in IVCO 2017 and demonstrates the importance of partnerships in volunteering


The 2017 International Volunteer Cooperation Organisations’ Conference (IVCO 2017) takes place from 22 to 25 October in Seoul, Republic of Korea. IVCO aims at providing a platform for volunteer involving organizations to create and demonstrate innovative and transformative partnerships through volunteering.

UNV Executive Coordinator Mr. Olivier Adam spoke today at the IVCO Conference in Seoul in a panel discussion on global advocacy to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 17 on revitalizing global partnerships for sustainable development. The need to establish an enabling environment for volunteerism “to fully contribute to the realisation of any future sustainable development agenda” was the overarching theme of this year’s IVCO.

Mr. Adam also mentioned that partnerships with national governments and local actors were vital for building solutions that were sustainable, especially in the face of very limited resources. “In partnering with each other, we will be able to leverage the different resources and capacities and have greater impact,” he said.

UNV also participated in a parallel dialogue on how international volunteer cooperation organisations (IVCOs) and volunteer involving organisations (VIOs) can create innovative partnerships or enabling environments at the national and local levels.

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