UN welcomes Bhutan to Making Cities Resilient Campaign


The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR) has welcomed Thimphu, the capital of earthquake-prone Bhutan, as the newest member of the Making Cities Resilient Campaign.

The campaign was launched in May 2010 in collaboration with ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability and the World Mayors Council on Climate Change at the Resilient Cities 2010 Congress in Bonn. The participating mayors then asserted that cities need to have a stronger role in climate change negotiations. 

Today, the Making Cities Resilient Campaign has almost 4,000 participating cities and towns including over 700 across Asia. It provides knowledge, tools and resources to support and encourage local government funding for disaster risk reduction and to raise awareness of citizens.

Welcoming Bhutan to the campaign, Ms. Loretta Hieber-Girardet, UNISDR’s Chief for the Asia-Pacific region, said: “Bhutan is famous for measuring Gross National Happiness which can only increase further following the decision of the Mayor of Thimphu, Mr. Kinlay Dorjee, to join the Campaign.”

Mayor Dorjee said: “In the last five years we’ve improved clean water supplies, fixed parks and open spaces, tackled crime, tidied up litter, and provided better public transport.

“The quality of life is improving for everyone but our neighbour Nepal had a very big earthquake. We’re in the same Himalayas, and we could be hit any time. Through the Making Cities Resilient Campaign, we’ll be stepping up our efforts to protect them, and the economy they rely on, against the threat of disaster.”

Thimphu will now have access to the Campaign’s Disaster Resilience Scorecard which provides for in-depth analysis of risk, assisting the city to identify gaps and create action plans in line with the global plan for reducing disaster losses, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030.

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