UNIDO: Call for meaningful partnerships for action, finance and innovation achieving a sustainable future


United Nations Deputy Secretary-General, Amina J. Mohammed highlights in a keynote article for UNIDO´s „Making it magazine“ the industrialization – the subject of Sustainable Development Goal No. 9 “Innovation and Infrastructure” – and calls for action for a sustainable future with the help of everyone.

She underlines the need of the integration of the SDGs in national development plans and strategies of the countries because „the 2030 Agenda is the international community’s best tool for a more prosperous and peaceful world. It is relevant to all countries and all people.“

Concerning to the future she invokes to share experiencies and lessons and to match ambition. “The world has what is needed to achieve the SDGs. Its success will depend on the active engagement of all actors for people, peace, prosperity and a healthy planet.“

Read the full keynote from Amina J. Mohammed here: http://www.makingitmagazine.net/


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