SDG Action Campaign: Panel on innovative leadership and the implementations of the SDGs at COP23


At the panel „Innovative Leadership - Engaging everyone in driving local action for SDGs and climate change“, the SDG Action Campaign hosted various non-state actors as well as a government representative to talk about their contribution to raise civil society engagement concerning the SDGs and climate action in general.

All speakers highlighted the importance of leaving no one behind, making information accessible by translating relevant content and raising awareness. „Building bridges via partnerships and social media are crucial to empower everyone and reach all people“, said Alex Wang, Secretary-General of the Youthink Center China. Cross sector partnerships between governments, civilian society and non-state actors form a fundamental part in driving local action. 

Moreover, linking local businesses to projects and co-operations helps to implement the SDGs on the local level as well. The participants also shared examples and insights, how multiple stakeholders can take innovative approaches, explore collaboration and engage millions of people to make tangible change at the local and global level. Kehkashan Basu, Youth Ambassador of the World Future Council, focuses on reaching youth and children with creative ways of communication such as music, art or drama to spread awareness and hence overcome possible language barriers. „Leadership comes in all forms, it does not depend on how old you are“, added the 17 year old receiver of the International Children's Peace Prize. 


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