Campaign for International Volunteer Day 2017 launched

volunteer day

The number of people affected by humanitarian crisis and natural disaster is growing by the day. 65 million people are forcibly displaced, either internally in their own countries or seeking shelter across borders.

But alongside these challenges, other, positive trends are rising. Groups and individuals - volunteers from all backgrounds - are effectively responding to humanitarian emergencies everywhere. They are regular people who, in the face of human suffering, don’t hesitate to rapidly descend to the affected areas and help however it is needed.

"Recognizing these trends, I am pleased to launch the campaign for International Volunteer Day 2017, 'Volunteers Act First. Here. Everywhere.' We want this day, 5 December 2017, to be a recognition of volunteer efforts around the world, as well as a tribute to the support volunteers provide in times of instability, disasters or humanitarian crises“, underlines Olivier Adam, Executive Coordinator of UN Volunteers. 

Read here the full op-ed from Olivier Adam:

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