UN Climate Conference: Delegates agree on way forward


The Paris Agreement remains on track. The delegates from over 190 countries decided on Friday evening to take the next steps towards climate protection goals.

Supported by a wide range of positive announcements from governments, businesses and civil society, delegates at the Bonn Conference (COP23) agreed on a 12-month engagement focusing on the questions "Where are we, where do we go and how do we make it there? "

The central goal of the Paris Agreement is to keep the global temperature rise below 2 degrees Celcius on average and as close as possible to 1.5 degrees. The lower limit applies to many small islands and endangered countries as vital.

Frank Bainimarama, COP23 President and Fiji Prime Minister, said: "
I’m very pleased that COP23 has been such a success, especially given the challenge to the multilateral consensus for decisive climate action. We have done the job we were given to do, which is to advance the implementation guidelines of the Paris Agreement”.

In the coming months, the national climate protection plans for the upcoming 2018 conference in Poland will be revised again in order to pave the way for the long-term climate protection goal.

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